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Bob's Red Mill BirdSpotter 2013

BirdSpotter is our way of rewarding all of you who help Project FeederWatch scientists learn about birds in your backyard. Sign up for a kit, upload your photo’s here, and help us reach this year’s goal of 25k active FeederWatch participants!

BirdSpotter 2013 Winners Gallery

Week 7 Winner!

Grand Prize Winner

House Finch in the Snow

Melissa Penta

Stroudsburg, PA, United States

This House Finch curiously looked in at my camera as I was taking a photo of him – this was shot through my sliding glass doors.

Week 9 Winner!

Second Place Winner

Tufted Titmouse over snow

roberta pharis

Parsons, WV, United States

Week 3 Winner!

Third Place Winner

American Bald Eagle

Eileen Chorba

Beach Lake, PA, United States

A Bald Eagle on a mission for food.

Week 15 Winner!

Fish Dinner

Stephen Shelasky

Springfield, MA, United States

Looks like these 2 adversaries are seeing eye to eye for a very brief moment. Then the Great Blue Heron said “down the hatch” and the poor fish disappeared into oblivion.

Week 14 Winner!

Winter’s Gold

Colleen Archer

Carver, MA, United States

A friendly Pin Warbler perches on a snowy dogwood branch.

Week 13 Winner!


Will Herschler

Peralta, NM, United States

Week 12 Winner!

Night Heron and the startled fish

S Beebe

Tucson, AZ, United States

Black-crowned Night Heron and a startled fish

Week 11 Winner!

Little Blue Heron with Frog

Melissa James

Tarpon Springs, FL, United States

While photographing sparrows I heard this loud “meowing” sound and had thought a hawk might have grabbed a kitten. But when I turned around it was this juvenile Little Blue Heron who had caught a frog who was crying quite loudly hoping it might convince the heron to drop him. In the end, it attracted the attention of a Red-shouldered Hawk who stole the frog from the heron.

Week 10 Winner!

Red vs Blue

Pat Cheal

Green Oak Township, MI, United States

Frantic activity at the feeders during Snowmageddon 2014 here in Michigan! Snow was falling at 2″ per hour and I was enjoying watching the birds scramble for a meal.

Week 8 Winner!

Having Words

Laurie Salzler

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

I was photographing the Red-bellied Woodpecker when the Northern Flicker flew in and challenged him for rights of the bark butter just above them.

Week 6 Winner!

Hummers and Fountains

Vicki Miller

Kelseyville, CA, United States

We put out the small solar fountains for the birds in spring and the hummers use them daily until fall.

Week 5 Winner!

Short-eared Owl

Rhoda Gerig

Somerville, IN, United States

Short-eared Owl with dinner

Week 4 Winner!

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

diane marshman

New Milford, PA, United States

Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are so much enjoyment to watch at the feeders.

Week 2 Winner!

Mountain Bluebird in Fall

Anita Strawn de Ojeda

Grand Teton National Park, Moose, WY, United States

Week 1 Winner!

Think I’ll have just one!

Pam Garcia

Woodland Park, Colorado

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